So You Stand With Israel?

If you stand with Israel, with which Israel do you stand? The word “Israel” can mean different things, based on the context in which it is found, such as: 1) The grandson of Abraham (originally named Jacob) who had twelve sons; 2) The nation which proceeded from Jacob and his twelve sons; 3) The modern nation commonly called “Israel,” which may or may not be true descendants of Jacob (nobody today can prove that his lineage goes back to Jacob—cf.… Read more

It’s Not the Model Prayer for Us

Many call the prayer of Matthew 6:9-13 “The Lord’s Prayer.” Members of the church of Christ generally call it “The Model Prayer,” while referring to the prayer of John 17 as “The Lord’s Prayer.” This is because the words of John 17 are an actual prayer of the Lord to His Father, and the prayer of Matthew 6 was a model for Jesus’ disciples.

If we call Matthew 6:9-13 “The Model Prayer,” do we understand that it is no longer the pattern for Christians today?… Read more