Jesus’ Birthday? God Didn’t Say

It’s interesting that God did not tell us the day Jesus was born from the womb, but the day Jesus was born from the tomb—the first day of the week. Around 1450 B.C. God foretold the exact night the Lamb of God would be taken to be slain (Passover, the 14th day of the first Jewish month), and the Gospel accounts reveal the exact hours certain events occurred on the cross, but not even the month or year of Jesus’ birth.… Read more

“Filled With the Holy Ghost”

Was the phrase “filled with the Holy Ghost” referring to the miraculous CAUSE of the Word being spoken, or the non-miraculous EFFECT of hearing the Word? The reader is encouraged to study the following Scriptures:

· Luke 1:15 – “filled” (by hearing?)

· Luke 1:41 – “filled…spake”

· Luke 1:67 – “filled…prophesied”

· Acts 2:4 – “filled…speak…tongues”

· Acts 4:8 – “filled…said”

· Acts 4:31 – “filled…spake”

· Acts 7:55 – “full of…said”

· Acts 9:17 – “filled” (by hearing? See Galatians 1:11-22)

· Acts 13:9 – “filled…said”

· Eph.… Read more