Go Into All the World and Live a Good Moral Life?

Why is it that some Christians seem to believe that their only responsibility in reaching the lost is to live a pure lifestyle before them? Will alien sinners become Christians by simply observing that Christians refrain from things like profanity, fornication, and drugs? Will simply being kind to others convert the lost? Certainly, the Christian’s influence must not be minimized (Matt. 5:13-16); and yes, Christians are to live holy lives and be kind to others (1 Pet. 1:15-16; Matt. 5:38-48); but is that all it takes to convert the lost?

Dear reader, there are many others in this world besides Christians who are kind to others. There can even be atheists who choose to be kind to their fellow man. There are other religions besides Christianity which emphasize humility, kindness, sobriety, modest dress, and other forms of morality. What makes Christianity different, and how will the lost learn those differences?

Of course, the answer is that Christians must expose the lost to the words of the Bible! True faith does not come from seeing someone live a good, moral life— faith comes from hearing the Word of God! (Rom. 10:17). If the Seed (God’s Word) is not planted, the fruit (a Christian) will never be produced (Luke 8:11-15). The Great Commission does not teach Christians to simply go out and live in an upright way—Christians are specifically told to teach, baptize, and teach some more (Matt. 28:19-20). Philip had to “open his mouth” to convert the Ethiopian (Acts 8:35). If we will not open our mouths and “preach Jesus” like Philip did, will anyone ever ask what the Ethiopian asked? “…what doth hinder me to be baptized?” (Acts 8:36).

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