Politically Conservative, but Religiously Liberal

Many who are politically conservative are liberal when it comes to religion, and they don’t even realize it.

Just because a man “identifies” as a woman, that does not make him a woman.

Just because a man identifies as a turtle, that does not make him a turtle,

and just because a man identifies as a Christian, that does not make him a Christian!

Facts matter – especially God’s requirements to become faithful and remain faithful.… Read more

Go Into All the World and Live a Good Moral Life?

Why is it that some Christians seem to believe that their only responsibility in reaching the lost is to live a pure lifestyle before them? Will alien sinners become Christians by simply observing that Christians refrain from things like profanity, fornication, and drugs? Will simply being kind to others convert the lost? Certainly, the Christian’s influence must not be minimized (Matt. 5:13-16); and yes, Christians are to live holy lives and be kind to others (1 Pet.… Read more