If Repentance is Required, So is Baptism

The honest person will concede that repentance is required for salvation; however, when he does, he simultaneously concedes that John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, and Romans 10 do not explicitly state everything a person must do to be saved (because repentance is not mentioned in any of those passages). In fact, neither “repent” nor “repentance” is found in the Gospel of John or Ephesians at all, and repentance is only mentioned twice in the 16 chapters of Romans, though it is absolutely necessary for salvation.

What is my point? Let me lovingly encourage everyone reading this to listen to EVERYTHING God said about salvation and believe it. Don’t just hold on to a handful of passages for dear life, like John 3:16 and others, without studying and obeying ALL of what God said to be saved and doing it exactly the way He said. If God said repentance is necessary, believe it, even though it is not in John 3:16, Ephesians 2, or Romans 10. By the same token, if God said water baptism is necessary for salvation, believe it, even if it is not mentioned explicitly in those same three passages. If you are truly a person of faith, you will believe everything God said and study to find the harmony throughout all of God’s Word (Psa. 119:160,172; Acts 17:11; Rom. 10:17; 1 Thess. 5:21; 2 Tim. 2:15-18; 3:16,17).

Some Scriptures for the necessity of repentance: Mt. 4:17; Acts 2:38; 3:19; 11:18; 17:30; 2 Pet. 3:9; cf. Lk. 13:3; 2 Cor. 7:10, etc. Some Scriptures for the necessity of obedience: Mt. 7:21-27; Jn. 14:15; Gal. 5:6; Heb. 5:9; James 2:14-26; 1 Pet. 1:22; 1 Jn. 2:3-6; 5:3; Rev. 2:10; 22:14, etc. Some Scriptures for the necessity of water baptism: Mt. 28:19-20; Mk. 16:15-16; Jn. 3:5; Acts 2:38,40,41,47; 10:35,48; 22:16; Rom. 6:3-5,16-18; 1 Cor. 6:11; Gal. 3:27; Eph. 5:26; Col. 2:11-13; Titus 3:5; Heb. 10:22; 1 Pet. 3:20, 21, etc.

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