Selective Outrage

Have you ever noticed that sometimes people become irate over what a particular person or group does, but they ignore the same actions when others (who are usually in their circle) do the same thing? This is called “selective outrage,” and it often happens in politics, when one party does something, and the other party becomes outraged. Then the same outraged people “turn a blind eye” when someone on their side does the same thing that had previously caused them to get outraged.… Read more

The King’s Law on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

Young people especially need to be taught Jesus’ law on marriage, divorce, and remarriage before they get themselves into regrettable, spiritually deadly situations. When God joins a man and a woman together in marriage, the only authorized reason for them to ever divorce is if one of them commits fornication (having sex with someone outside the marriage relationship). The original word translated as “fornication” means “illicit sexual intercourse,” according to Thayer’s Greek Lexicon. The spouse innocent of fornication may then divorce the spouse guilty of fornication and remarry an eligible person of the opposite gender.… Read more