Two Men on an Island

Two men on a deserted island know nothing about religion or the multitudes of churches that exist today. An airplane drops a box full of Bibles onto the island, they read the Bible, and they do what the Bible says to be saved through Christ.

If you asked them which church they are in, what would they say? Would they be in a denomination? If they only know the Bible and only follow the Bible, they cannot be in the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church, etc.,… Read more

Regarding Easter

Christians in the first century A.D. did not celebrate anything called Easter. The word “Easter” in Acts 12:4 of the KJV is a disappointing translation of the original word “pascha,” meaning the Jewish holiday called Passover. Although many today celebrate Easter as the day Jesus was resurrected, Passover was not the day Jesus was resurrected, but the night/day He was slain (the Jewish day began at evening and lasted until the next evening; Gen.… Read more