Do You Have the Mind of Christ, or the Mind of Satan?

None of us are perpetually flawless, and, because we have all sinned against God, none of us deserve Heaven, but if we call ourselves CHRISTians and want to be where He is, we must do our best to aim for sinless perfection and truly repent when we sin. If you are turned off whenever a Christian or a Christian preacher mentions something about the necessity of obedience to God, I lovingly encourage you to study more about this in the Bible and honestly ask yourself why you have a negative attitude toward obedience.… Read more

Selective Outrage

Have you ever noticed that sometimes people become irate over what a particular person or group does, but they ignore the same actions when others (who are usually in their circle) do the same thing? This is called “selective outrage,” and it often happens in politics, when one party does something, and the other party becomes outraged. Then the same outraged people “turn a blind eye” when someone on their side does the same thing that had previously caused them to get outraged.… Read more